Friday, February 29, 2008

First Challenge

I am feeling great today! It's my first time to join a scrapbook challenge and I just feel excited seeing my entry along with the others. The Webster Page Challenge of Lasting Impression has many great entries. I wish everyone good luck. I am going to try to join as many challenges as I can because it gives me the drive to finish more lay-outs. Hehehe. It is not about winning I can say, it's all about the feeling of accomplishment and the experience. :) Here is the lay-out I submitted for the challenge. hidden journaling: You sure did enjoy your first time being a flower girl. The whole time you were with the other girls, all we heard were your giggles and laughters. You sure was the most adorable as you waved your hands at the guests while walking down the aisle. And you were still the crowd's favorite even when you turned grumpy and won't even sit beside the couple and give them a smile.

***Oh btw, this is the finished lay-out which unfinished stages I have posted on my previous posts. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is a story I read and I really just can't help but share this.

The Basureros Ever since it was diagnosed that I am having a possible heart enlargement in the last APE, I have exerted more effort to do physical exercises. I do jogging during week days and do long - ride mountain biking every Sunday. But this Sunday is a special Sunday to me. While I was on my way to the mountains of Busay (cebu) hoping to strengthened my heart by this exercise, instead, I personally encountered a heart-breaking scene that changed me. I already passed by the Marco Polo Plaza (formerly Cebu Plaza Hotel) when I decided to stop to buy bananas at a small carenderia located along the road. I haven't taken any solid food that morning so I need fruits to have the needed energy to get to my destination - the mountain top. I am almost done eating with the second banana when I noticed two children across the street busily searching the garbage area. "Basureros" I said to myself and quickly turn my attention away from them to sip a small amount of water. I cared less for these kind of children actually; to make it straight, I do not like them, and I do not trust them even more. You see, several times I have been a victim to these kind of children who are pretending to be basureros looking for empty bottles and cans when in fact the 'plangganas' , 'kalderos', and 'hinayhays' are their favorites. I remember one afternoon while I was watching a Mike Tyson fight when I noticed that the TV screen suddenly became blurred. I checked outside and saw two young basureros running away with my newly installed antenna. Hatred may be a little bit stronger word to describe my feeling towards these basureros, but I do not like them honestly not till I met these three children. I was about to embark on my bike again when I heard one of the two children, a girl of about 7 or 8 of age saying aloud to the other, a 12-yr old boy, "kuya si dodong kunin mo kasi tumitingin sa mga kumain, nakakahiya, only then that I noticed a small boy standing near to me biting slightly his finger. He's a few inches shorter if compared to my 5 years old son (but I knew later that he's also 5 yrs. Old). Though he did not asked for food to anyone in the carenderia, the way he looked at the customers who were eating , enough to convinced me that he intensely craving for it. The older boy then quickly crossed the street and gently pulled out the little one who politely obeyed. As I watched the two crossing back the street to the garbage area, I heard the tindera saying "kawawa naman yung mga batang yun mababait pa naman. I learned further from the carenderia owner that the children are from a good family , both parents were working before, and that their father got a stroke 3 years ago and became partially paralized and their mother died of heart attack while their father was still confined at the
hospital. The parents were still in their early forties when the catastrophe happened, and the children became basureros since then to meet their daily needs and for their father's medication. Deeply moved by what I heard, I went to a nearby bakery and bought 20 pesos worth of bread and gave it to the children who initially refused including the little boy. "Sige lang po, salamat na lang, bibili na lang po kami mamaya kung makabenta na kami, the young girl said to me. I explained that they need to go home because it started to rain. "Nasanay na po kami, the girl answered again. Again, I explained that the rain can make them sick and if they'll become sick there's no one to take care of their father. Upon mentioning their father, they nodded and accept the bread but I noticed that the older boy did not eat. When I asked him if he does not like the kind of bread I bought for them he smiled but as he's about to explain, the little girl, who is the more talker of them interrupted, "Linggo po kasi ngayon, pag sabado at linggo hapon lang po sya kumakain, kami lang po ang kumakain ng agahan pero di na po kami kakain pagdating ng hapon si kuya lang po. Pero pag lunes hanggang biyernes, kasi may pasok, si kuya lang po nag-aagahan, kami hapunan lang pero kung marami kaming benta, kami pong lahat (kumakain) she continued. "bakit kung kumain kayong lahat, hati-hatiin nyo na lang kahit kunti lang ang pagkain? I countered. The young girl reasoned out that their father wanted that her older brother to come to school with full stomachs so he can easily catch up the teacher's lessons. "Pag nagkatrabaho si kuya, hihinto kami sa pamamasura, first honor kasi sya, the little boy added proudly. Maybe I was caught by surprise or I am just overly emotional that my tears started to fall. I then quickly turned my back from them to hide my tears and pretended to pick up my bike from the carenderia where I left it. I don't know how many seconds or minutes I spent just to compose myself; pretending again this time that I was mending by bike. Finally I get on to my bike and approached the three children to bid goodbye to them who in turn cast their grateful smiles at me. I then took a good look at all of them specially to the small boy and pat his head with a pinch in my heart. Though I believe that their positive look at life can easily change their present situation, there is one thing that they can never change; that is , their being motherless. That little boy can no longer taste the sweet embrace, care, and most of all , the love of his mother forever. Nobody can refill the empty gap created by that sudden and untimely death of their mother. Every big events that will happen to their lives will only remind them and make them wish of their mother's presence. I reached to my pocket and handed to them my last 100 peso bill which I reserved for our department's bowling tournament. This time they refused strongly but I jokingly said to the girl, "suntukin kita pag hindi mo tinanggap yan. She smiled as she extended her hand to take the money. "Salamat po, makakabili na kami ng gamot ni papa, she uttered. I then turned to the small boy and though he's a few feet away from me, I still noticed that while his right hand was holding the half - filled sack , his left hand was holding a toy ? a worn out toy car. I waved my hands and said bye bye to him as I drove towards the mountains again. Did he just found the toy in the garbage area or the toy was originally his - when the misfortune did not took place yet? - I did not bother to ask. But one thing is crystal clear to me, that inspite of the boy's abnormal life, he has not given up his childhood completely. I can sense it by the way he held and stared at his toy. My meeting with that young basureros made me poorer by 100 pesos. But they changed me and made me richer as to lessons of life. In them, I learned that life can change suddenly and may caught me flat footed. In them, I've learned that even the darkest side of life, cannot change the beauty of one's heart. Those three children, who sometimes cannot eat three times a day, were still able to hold on to what they believe was right. And what a contrast to most of us who are quick to point out to our misfortunes. In them, I've learned to hope for things when things seem to go the other way. Lastly, I know that God cares for them far more than I do. That though He allowed them to experience such a terrible life which our finite minds cannot comprehend, His unquestionable love will surely follow them through. And in God's own time they will win. GOD BLESS!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love 'Em

These are the scrapping materials I got from the EB and Lasting Impression. I just love them! Every centavo was worth spent, I swear! I am glad Mareng Yoyin let us join them. Thanks! :D

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scrappin Tour Cont..

This is heaven... err, The Lasting Impression store. There are so many things you can buy! If you are looking for any scrapping material, this is the place to go to! You will even be assisted by the friendly Ms. Vivian. :)
Can't wait (again) to go back to that store!

First Ever EB with the Scrapping Ladies

February 16 was really a day to remember!

After my graveyard shift, Mark and Yoyin picked me up and my hubby and we went straight to Manila for the EB. We were caught in a heavy traffic so we were not able to make it at 10AM. But it was worth all the wait! There were great discounts and great items on sale! I just really needed to remind myself what Mareng Teena told me "don't but too much papers!" The scrappers we've met are just really nice! Some even shared some tips, which are so much appreciated. We met the Master, Iris, and the friendly Bjay. :) We had to leave early though so we were not able to join the rest till 5PM. Looking forward to the next EB and hopefully Teena will be with us already, plus Kuya Jun! :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Need Help?

Okay, I know I said my next lay-out will be about hubby. However, I have yet to choose a picture of him and have it printed (still don't have my own printer. ehehe) So, next time Daddy! I swear! Love you! I have already have Alex's picture printed and I just find it so lovely, can't help but create a lay-out using it. HOWEVER, I am not good at arranging flowers! Promise! I need some help, PLEASE?

Here's a draft. I didn't glue them yet since I am still not convinced it's pretty enough. :D

I used a ribbon to mount the word giggles, is it nice? Or is it better off without and just lay the word giggles on the black background?

Is this arrangement nice enough?

Daddy says this is better... agree?

HELP! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Almost done! :)

February 12, 2008, six more days before Alex turns two.

We have not still decided when to celebrate her birthday. We are not sure if we'll do it on the 16th or on the 23rd. If we do it on the 16th, some friends will not be able to make it (Scrapbukan Exchange Group is going to have an EB!) and others will be in Manila. The same is true if we'll do it on a Sunday and the 23rd is not my off. Argh! I just decided, I will just ask my Trainer if I can take a leave on the 23rd. My luck, he agreed! So we'll just do it on the 23rd. :) It's going to be a very small party. We'll just invite Alex's cousins and friends. We'll also ask our weekend pals together with their kids and Alex's Ninangs and Ninongs to join us. We'll just have to finalize what cake we are going to order, send out the invitation and I am almost done! :)

Another one... I just have to do the journaling on my first lay-out and then I am done! :)
At first, I was kinda shy to show Daddy my work, well talking about confidence level. Hehe. But when he saw it, I thought he liked it! :) I even asked him for some inputs about the journaling I am going to do plus the embellishment I wanted to add. I am just glad he is supportive. I printed the journaling (though it's not detailed) tonight and also got his thoughts about it. I will just have to attach it in my lay-out using a brad and I AM REALLY SO DONE with my FIRST LAY-OUT!

Oh, I also took a picture of my unfinished lay-out, unfortunately, I can't find a card-reader so I can upload it on the internet. I will just do it tonight. I am so excited to go home and finish it!

Till next time! :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Wish Granted :)

Daddy finally said sorry after I have told him what was the reason why I was not speaking with him. Happy again. :) In a relationship, communication is really one of the most important ingredients. I let my pride took over and asked God to help Daddy realize why I was acting the way I was. But it was me whom God helped realize that... whenever I have any misunderstanding with the man HE has given me, we can resolve it on our own, IF BOTH of us are WILLING.
Dad and I have been living under one roof for almost three years already and I can really say we still have a lot to learn and understand about each other. The whole time, except for one time (when I was really the one at fault) he has always been willing to talk about any issues we have. He has always been understanding and open-minded. He is a responsible husband, son and, a champion father to Cade Alexandra. I thank God for him. And I will always do. He is my wish God has granted. :)
Just a thought... my next LO will be about him! :)

The Sad Feeling I Was Referring

(Wednesday, January 23, 2008) Heath Ledger Found Dead in New York - This article in the AOL Welcome Screen has affected me so much and made me really sad. I can't help but feel for the family because he died at a young age leaving a two-year old daughter, Matilda, behind. He sure was a great actor, I loved him in the movies "The Patriot," "A Knights Tale" and "10 Things I Hate About You."

Every thing that was written about him strucked me so much it almost made me cry. These have doubled the anxiety, stress, fear and worries I have about my family. Lola Virgen, my Dad's Mom, slept last night (012208) and no one was able to wake her up until now. She was brought to the hospital 012108 and our family was advised to just bring her home and wait for the time as science can do no more to let her stay with us longer. It was just last year that she was diagnosed to have a Diabetes and since then her weight has gone down drastically. I was told she is so skinny and she would not want to eat. The last time I saw her, she was still okay, she was telling stories about my cousins and her children whom she thought don't care about her and Lolo enough. Those were the typical stories you would hear from my very sensitive Lola. She appreciates everything you can give and do for her and can easily forget about those when you do something wrong. But WE LOVE HER just the same. We love her funny stories. We love her for she is a person who has really worked hard for her family. She cared so much about everyone in the family that she was still working even when she has 50+ grandchildren just to make sure she can give to those who can't afford to buy food to go through their days. What else can bring a person to his lowest but knowing you can never share laughters and stories with the person you dear the most. I am thinking how my father is feeling right now. I am sure he is saddened by Lola's condition. This sadness I have in my heart would not even compare to what he has at this time, I bet. Not only that he has to think about Lola, he would also need to take care of my Mom. Mama was diagnosed to have a heart a condition. With that, getting tired, worrying and thinking too much should be avoided.


It has been more than two weeks since I wrote this. The melancholy brought by all these distressful happenings have somehow diminished.

Tatay, as I see, have been relieved somehow because his Mom is now with God and Mama is getting better. Thank God!

It Has Been A While

It has been a while I must say I missed doing this. Blogging. Writing. Having extra time to write all about my family, my baby, my hubby, my feelings: frustrations, sadness and happiness.
The last time I wrote and thought of writing about how I feel was two days before Lola passed away. She was still then in the hospital, in a state of comma while Mama just got out of the hospital and my Tatay in the middle of that chaos. I was not even able to finish my entry on my AOL blog. Reason for that? I cried. I had to stop writing for what I will be writing won't even make any sense anymore. That sadness and worry have diminished somehow. Lola is now with our Lord and Mama is under medication and as I can see is now feeling a lot better.
The past days have been heavy though since hubby and I have not been on good terms. We have yet to settle who's to say sorry. I must say I am letting pride today take over me. I know I am not at fault and I have been terribly hurt. I hope the next coming days though will help him realize that I did tell him what he is telling me I didn't.
I am also a bit sad for a friend left the country and I am left here in Pampanga missing my sponge and good friend. Thanks to text messaging we have a cheaper way to still communicate.
To close this entry, I am here to blog, to post whatever I feel and think I should share. This is going to be my outlet, my new friend and sponge. On a lighter note, I am also going to post all my scrapbook projects. As of today, I have yet to finish my first lay-out. I was able to start one last Monday and still have not finished it. I lost the momentum (I ran out of letter "E" which will complete my title) but I will regain that because I have to! Hehehe. I have invested on scrapbook materials already and I won't stop. Haha! I just love it! Every pay-day I am going to alot a fraction of my pay to buy even just a Php100 worth of materials. I know scrapbooking does cost much but a little money spent every two weeks won't hurt that much, I guess, especially if those will give you SATISFACTION! haha