Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Time...

yep, she is going to school and it just gives us different emotions.


...for we are first time parents of a pre-schooler

...for she is going to make friends

...for she is going to make a lot of "first time"

...for she will be wearing a school uniform and a personalized P.E. t-shirt :)

...for she will definitely be getting a lot of STARs and SMILEYs :)


...for it is an entirely new world for her

...for there might be some bullies in her class

...for I can't be there inside her classroom the whole time to watch her

...for I have to let her do her stuffs "on her own"

...for I will have to let go of her hand and trust that she will survive the pre-schooler world


...for she will learn a lot, i know

...for she will be more matured

...for she will be happy, too...

with her new friends, school, teacher and environment :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Real Friends, Sweet Friends

they just don't forget you, even if you do not call their attention in the most trying times they simply appear and be a friend, to laugh with you, to cry with you, to hear you out, share their minds and scrap sarap. :)

yoyin. she has been there to be my real life lawyer and super friend :) hahamakin ang lahat maipagtanggol ka lamang. :)

tna. good listening ear. shoulder to cry on. samahan mo pa ng asawa nyang super cool and kulit. coolest tandem.

g-ann. you simply can't determine why, but you simply have the same "wave lengths." nafeel mo na ba yung, basta maiisip mo lang yung isang tao tapos magtetext sya sayo tapos pareho pa kayo ng naiiisip? hehehe. ganito kame. pati songs in mind. pati diskarte minsan. hehehe. sama mo pa si tuts and tita almah. :)

ate marissa, malayo man malapit pa din! true! she doesn't forget. she always remembers. she sends you stuffs that you don't expect... all her love, her hugs, kisses and scrap stuffs... hehehe. and last Mother's Day, got this nicest gift ever from her. :) thanks ate marissa! c u sa october!