Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Time...

yep, she is going to school and it just gives us different emotions.


...for we are first time parents of a pre-schooler

...for she is going to make friends

...for she is going to make a lot of "first time"

...for she will be wearing a school uniform and a personalized P.E. t-shirt :)

...for she will definitely be getting a lot of STARs and SMILEYs :)


...for it is an entirely new world for her

...for there might be some bullies in her class

...for I can't be there inside her classroom the whole time to watch her

...for I have to let her do her stuffs "on her own"

...for I will have to let go of her hand and trust that she will survive the pre-schooler world


...for she will learn a lot, i know

...for she will be more matured

...for she will be happy, too...

with her new friends, school, teacher and environment :)

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