Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Promise, I Tried

I have been trying to update my blog for the past three days so I can upload the pictures of my new LOs and mini-album as stated on the previous post. Sadlly, both PCs in the house aren't just so friendly lately when it comes to uploading.

The one I am now using belongs to hubby's sister, which just keeps on shutting down when I try to log in to the profile we have created or download anything. Hubby said, the PC needs reformatting so fixing this may take time, as no one here really has time to fix it (if I can, I would, but I don't know how, hehe).

Now how about our own pc? Hubby was trying to add some extra space and has been frustrated the whole morning yesterday trying to install the new hard disk he bought that he decided to just sleep it off. I actually felt for him. It was one of those times that I see him putting his whole heart and attention to what he is doing. However, trying to get that hard disk to be detected by the system and stuff just doesn't work! He log in to the internet (using this pc I am now using) to read stuffs, talked to some "tech-ie" friends, read a book and something wasn't just right. You know what I told him? "Daddy, let's just ask someone to come over and do that, go ahead and rest. It's okay, you were not able to make it work, Alex and I still love you." Haha! So did you see the connection?

At work? Oh no! I can't even take a straight 30-minute break! The story behind that? Well, let's just say, it's given, Call Center work is stressful + you need to accomplish commitments which you haven't really "committed" to do in the first place + you need to talk to customers when you really don't want to (supervisor calls) + you need to talk to your agents (to coach, and sometimes... when you really don't want to, hehe) + you need to take care of your people + think about your colleagues + follow your bosses' instructions + think about the future of the department + make sure all requirements are met (which are just really... ahhhm... unimaginable?) Opps! Was that me venting out? Lol. Well, this is the very reason I love blogging!
But don't get me wrong, I love what I do now. I get to "coach" and help other people do their work. I just really hope I get to have more time for my agents and less "to do's" in my plate every night.
So much for this post, need to get some more ZZzzz's before Alex wakes up.

Friday, September 19, 2008

After Almost a Month of Silence...

Friday, September 19, 2008, a day after my off, I filed a vacation leave and yes, that means two days rest. That also equates to logging in to the internet, getting to post something here (so my two kumares won't have a reason to talk about INSPIRING me, hehe), spend time with Alex. Oh and yes, SCRAP! But it is almost 4 in the afternoon and I haven't really scrapped anything today. hehe.

In the morning, Alex and I picked up the last piece of EAT SLEEP BREATHE SCRAP REPEAT shirt we ordered while the two of us are wearing our own. Yep, my little girl has her own pink ESBSR shirt and she looks just cute!

We also went to Enigma and bought a web cam and a head set for Mama Let to use. As soon as we get home, I installed the web cam's software and Alex won't just move her little "bam-bam" out of the computer chair She made silly faces, shouted like crazy and sung her fave songs "Crazy Love and Makulay ang Buhay (sa sinabawang gulay)" and we laugh our heart out. Amazing what new things can do to people.

Oh, not to disappoint my dear friends... hehe. I was able to do something yesterday. I finished a lay-out that has been seating in my cropper hopper for two weeks now. And I started a LO which is just waiting for a little journaling and it will be done. Some simple LOs, the first one is my own humble creation and the other one was scraplifted from a magazine I bought months back.

But wait! There's more! (hehe) I also finished a mini-album! This was the album included in the last Scrapfest! Now I can really say, at last!

I hope I get back my momentum again. I want to be able to use some of the stuffs I have already before I get the new supplies I ordered from Marisa that we'll probably be getting early next month... oh and before I get another "What last post was when?" Hehe. I sure love the AC Scrap Addicts! They just inspire when I need inspiration the most!

Good luck to Mareng Yoyin! She made it to Week 6 of Scrappin Moms Idol ' 08! Go go go!
Happy birthday Tita Ann!
Mareng Tna, Alex is craving for your most delicious cake everyday! hehe

Oh and by the way, just want to share, I am loving her creations... Jennifer McGuire.