Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm back... for MORE :)

I missed scrapping.
I missed blogging.
I missed taking pictures.
I missed surfing the net.
I missed a lot, but it's alright.
It was all for a good cause.
For things are better today. :)

I took a much needed break from all the extras in my life.
I had to take charge.
I had to direct my life where it should be going.
I learned. I still am. And I will learn more.
To make tomorrow better. :)

I thank God for everything that has happened.

Sometimes, we fail to notice that the things that we consider not so important are the ones that matter to the people we love, we care for, to them whom we want to keep the rest of our lives.
Sometimes, those that are most important to us are already slipping away without us noticing it. For we have failed to care more, to listen more and to understand more.
And when it hits us, it might already be too late.
So even if you do not want to, you just have to let go, move on and accept things as they are.
Then that is the only time we learn, realize and appreciate everything.
And just when you already stopped hoping, the least we expect happens.
And you can't be thankful enough; for you are better. :)

I am just really excited.
Old family but renewed and stonger relationship.
Old friends but renewed and lasting friendship.

I am back!
To learn, to love, to believe, to understand, to laugh, to scrap... every happy moment... MORE :)

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